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Scherger's Kettle of Shipshewana: homemade jams & jellies
Scherger's Kettle of Shipshewana IN - Jams and Jellies
Amish Made Jams and Jellies from Shipshewana, IN
Welcome to your one-stop shopping resource for great Amish-made jams and jellies

At Scherger’s Jams and Jellies of Shipshewana, IN our motto is “Taste the Fruit”.

We believe that you should be able to close your eyes, taste the amish made jam or jelly and be able to identify the fruit. It Shipshewana IN Homemade Jams & Jellies - Scherger's Kettleshould not taste like a sweet something  but a distinctive fruit flavor should be the primary reason for enjoying our jam.

Scherger’s Jams and Jellies is family owned and operated; our products are all made by Amish farm ladies. Each of the ladies on the jam “team”, brings many years of experience making jams and jellies to Scherger’s” Kettle. Their experience is applied using the freshest fruits, and the finest ingredients to produce small batches of mouth watering goodies.

"Why Should I Buy Amish made jams and jellies?"
There are several reasons why you should consider buying Amish products.

  • The quality of Amish made products is very high
  • Our jams and jellies do not use preservatives of any kind
  • We use the freshest ingredients available
Amish Made Jams and Jelly - where you can taste the fruit

At Scherger’s Kettle, it has been our objective to make a tasty product that can be enjoyed by all including diabetics and others wanting to reduce their sugar intake.

Here we offer many wonderful Amish made jams and jellies from local Amish families.  Unlike other companies that claim to offer Amish made food products, these are actually made by the Amish, not a factory of random workers with a country looking label.  All of our jams and jellies are home made by the Amish and have been approved and inspected regularly by the FDA.

We are certain once you try our products you will come back to us for more of our amazing Amish homemade jams and jellies.

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Jams & Jellies in Shipshewana Indiana by Scherger's Kettle
Scherger's Kettle Jams & Jellies - 120 Morton Street - Shipshewana, IN 46565 - 800.447.6475
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