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Scherger's Kettle of Shipshewana: homemade jams & jellies
Scherger's Kettle of Shipshewana IN - Jams and Jellies
Nutritional Information for your health

At Scherger’s Kettle, it has been our objective to make a tasty product that can be enjoyed by all including diabetics and others wanting to reduce their sugar intake. Like most jam makers, we started by using concentrated fruit juice to sweeten our jam (called it “sugar free”). The resulting product had about 20% less sugar than our regular jam sweetened with refined cane Nutritionally speaking, you can't do better than Amish Made Jams & Jellies from Schergers Kettle, Shipshewanasugar. Though an improvement, we felt that it wasn’t enough to make a significant difference in anyone’s diet.

Further evaluation led us to explore all natural recipes. We found that all natural evaporated cane juice has a sweetness that compliments the natural fruit flavor rather than distorting it like the concentrated fruit juice tends to. Our all natural low sugar jam contains 70% fruit by weight rather than the 35% contained in most jams (our full sugar jam contains 45% fruit).

The all natural low sugar jam comes through with a stronger fruit flavor and a satisfying sweetness that will enhance any recipe or slice of toast.

We are providing you with a couple of articles that may help you make some decisions about your sugar intake.
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To read the article about the health benefits of evaporated cane juice, click HERE.

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Jams & Jellies in Shipshewana Indiana by Scherger's Kettle
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